1. Buffalo Soldier Memorial

    Tribute to the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th & 10th Cavalry Regiments who served at Fort Riley. A stunning memorial, make sure you have your camera.

  2. Custer House

    Constructed in 1855 of native limestone, the Custer House reflects Fort Riley's earliest history and authentically depicts military home life on the western frontier during the Indian Wars Period.

  3. Spring Valley Heritage Site

    The Spring Valley Heritage Site, is located west of Junction City at the intersection of K-18 and Spring Valley Road, features several historic buildings on site.

  4. Starcke House

    Located south of the Geary County Historical Museum, this one story brick house was once the home of a Junction City prominent merchant family.

  5. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

    Honor Kansas military members killed or missing in action during the Vietnam War by visiting our memorial.