Hildebrand Farms Dairy

It all began with the idea of making a better life for their family with 4 milk cows, and the door to door selling of milk in glass bottles. It has now grown to an average of 150 cows and their milk is sold in 75+ stores in an 80 mile radius, once again, in glass bottles!


Operating since 1930, the Hildebrand family opened a micro-creamery in September 2008. The on-site Hildebrand Dairy store offers fresh whole milk, low fat milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, root beer milk, and cream-line milk. The store also has a variety of farm related gift items, soft-serve ice cream, and fresh Kansas beef, cheese and eggs.

Guided Tours

The farm does offer guided tours though visitors need to call ahead to schedule a date and time. There is a charge of $5 per person and must be scheduled in advance.