Freedom Park


** The Freedom Park Trail is a rugged terrain, so it is advisable for visitors to proceed with caution while hiking along the trail.**

Perched atop the steep hill at Freedom Park, located next to Interstate 70, Exit 301, on loan from the Smithsonian Institute, is the atomic cannon (M65), known as "Atomic Annie."

There were 20 of the cannons manufactured at a cost of $800,000 each. They were deployed overseas to Europe and Korea, often continuously shifted around to avoid being detected and targeted by opposing forces. Due to the size of the apparatus, their limited range, the development of nuclear shells compatible with existing artillery pieces and the development of rocket and missile based nuclear artillery, the M65 was effectively obsolete soon after it was deployed. However, it remained a prestige weapon and was not retired until 1963.

Only seven cannons remain today on display throughout the United States.

The park also features several World War II era howitzers and an obsolete command track vehicle.